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Friday Reads ~ 13 October 2017

Happy Friday the 13th! I’ve always been partial to Friday the 13th and black cats, so today makes me happy instead of scared. Friday the 13th in the same month as Halloween is awesome. (And please tell me you haven’t fallen into the “this year Halloween is ON Friday the 13th!” MEMEs that are going around social media…)

Anyway. On with the books!


I finished reading Eddie Izzard’s Believe Me: A Memoir of Love, Death, and Jazz Chickens. (Sadly, the Jazz Chickens weren’t very prominent in the book.) It was a really neat look at how Izzard got to where he is now, and it’s not necessarily what you might think. I thought, as many others might have, that he got known as a comedian because he’s transgender. And maybe he grew some of his audience that way — but he got to be a stand-up comedian in the first place through sheer determination. He didn’t come up publicly about being trans until after he’d already gotten going in comedy. He goes into a lot of deeper topics than you might expect, though there are still threads of humor throughout most of the book. This was a really good read, and it’s a book I’m considering purchasing for both future reference and for family members to read.

I also finished reading the 4th Nancy Drew book, The Mystery at Lilac Inn. This was a fast read — though I’m sure it took me longer to read it when I was in the target age range. I can’t say about the series in general, but this particular one wasn’t too dated as far as gender stereotypes. Granted, the characters are all white, but at least the protagonist is a kick-ass girl. Given the age of the book that’s gotta count for something. (It was first published in 1930. WOW! I never realized it was quite that old. However, upon further reading, it was revised in the ’60s, so maybe they made it more PC at that time. I’ve only ever read the second version.)

And I finished listening to All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot. (Finally.) This one was a hard one to read. Parts of it I liked a lot, other parts I couldn’t stand. I guess that balances out to a 3-star read (out of 5). Still, I’m glad to have read it. And quite possibly gladder that I’m done with it. There will be plenty of people who like this book better than I do, but I had no love for the detailed descriptions of how to deliver a calf, over and over again. It seemed the beginning of the book told the same story repeatedly with only minor differences. Also, I can’t stand Siegfried. I know people who are like him and never listen to what you’re saying (or remember anything inconvenient to them). There were times I thought I’d give up for good due solely to that character.


Still working on Robert Forward’s Dragon’s Egg. Because I’m back to my slow ereader pace, it seems.

I’ve also started the 5th Nancy Drew book, The Secret of Shadow Ranch. I’m guessing it won’t take me very long to finish this one. And I am also guessing that this will be my last foray back into Nancy Drew books for a while. I could read them one after another when I was a kid, but now… not so much.

And my new audio book is Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain by Richard Roberts. I needed something completely different from All Creatures Great & Small, and I think this is that. I love the premise, but am not far into the book yet. Fingers crossed!


Okay, I’ve kinda stalled out on The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston. That will be what I focus on finishing next, library books or no library books. (I’ll work on my library books again after I finish TWW.)

My next audio book will probably be either The Inexplicable Universe by Neil deGrasse Tyson or Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn, depending on whether I want fiction or non. I want to listen to books I’ve already purchased, so that I can take advantage of Audible’s return program if I find something I really don’t like.

Have a great weekend!


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