Top Ten Tuesday ~ Book Boyfriends

Happy Tuesday! It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday, and I have to say, this week’s prompt made me laugh. Hopefully you’ll find it amusing, too.

Top Ten Book Boyfriends/Girlfriends

(Which characters do you have crushes on?)

  1. Faramir from The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien ~ The book version. Movie version is cute, but they messed up his character too much.
  2. Darkwind from The Mage Winds trilogy by Mercedes Lackey ~ I haven’t read this series in a while, and if I was reading it for the first time now I’m not sure I’d have the same reaction, but I really wanted to be Elspeth when I was younger so I could date Darkwind. Well, and for the magic and the telepathic horse.
  3. Legolas from The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien ~ Yeah, I read LOTR several times when I was in school. And I couldn’t decide which of the two characters (Faramir or Legolas) I liked better. (I’ve since decided: I like book-Faramir better, but movie-Legolas better. Mostly because while they messed with Faramir’s character in the movies, they left Legolas more-or-less alone.)
  4. Calvin O’Keefe from A Wrinkle In Time by Madeline L’Engle ~ I have always loved this book, period. And it has always come with a crush on Calvin and a desire to be Meg.
  5. F’lar from The Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey ~ Or maybe F’nor. Or T’gellan. Basically, I wanted to date a dragon rider. (Or even better, to be a dragon rider.)
  6. Afra Lyon from The Tower and the Hive series by Anne McCaffrey ~ Again with the telepathy. But also, he seemed like a really devoted guy.
  7. Lucas Cortez from The Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong ~ I didn’t get all that attached to the werewolves in this series, unlike a lot of my reading group friends I read this with. Lucas, though… he was my series crush.
  8. Dean from The Keeper Chronicles by Tanya Huff ~ Mmmm. Dean.
  9. Henry Fitzroy from both the Blood and the Smoke series by Tanya Huff ~ This is the only vampire on my list. I guess I’m usually just too leery of the blood-sucking thing to have crushes on vampires.
  10. Tusk from the Star of the Guardians series by Margaret Weiss ~ This wasn’t really a crush on the character. I was reading this at the same time as some friends in college, and one of us associated with one of the characters and started using that as an IRC forum name. So then we started thinking about which character suited which of the rest of us, and ended up assigning characters to everyone. So, while I didn’t really have a crush on Tusk (I had to read a Wiki synopsis of the book in order to even remember his name) that is the character that was assigned to my boyfriend at the time. It seems to suit this topic, in any case.

What about you? Any book boyfriends or girlfriends on your list?