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FO: Hyrule Socks

We’re not going to have a WIP Wednesday post today either. (I know, that makes 2 weeks in a row.) Instead, here’s a FO post for the Hyrule socks! I finished these earlier in the month, and never found a good time to show them off, so here they are now.

Finished Hyrule socks

I enjoyed knitting these socks. The start and end dates might not reflect that as much, because there was a large chunk of time in the middle where I realized I wasn’t going to have enough yarn and was debating what to do. What I ended up doing was knitting the pattern section of both socks and then doing the ribbing in a different yarn. I think having the cuff in that lovely nearly-white yarn looks good. You can kinda tell I didn’t plan for it, though, because if this had been the plan all along, I would have made the toes in the same contrasting yarn. Oh well.

Finished Hyrule socks

I loved the construction of the socks. The heel especially amused me. I’m not entirely sure why: I can’t point to any one part of the heel pattern that “made it” for me. But it was really enjoyable, and it looks really cool, and I wish the socks fit me because it looks really comfortable. (I will be making another pair for myself, but out of yarn that I have a larger amount of so that I don’t run out again.)

Finished Hyrule socks

In fact, I don’t think the socks will even fit the initial person I was making them for. Instead, I think I will be gifting them to a family member with even smaller feet. (The sizing problem I had in that case was almost certainly due to either the change in yarn or the panic that set in when I realized I was going to run out of yarn. I tried very hard to keep my tension even, but I don’t think I did as good a job of that I hoped to.)

Finished Hyrule socks

No, Suzy, you are not the family member with smaller feet that I am going to give them to.

Anyway, kudos to Lattes and Llamas for a fun pattern and beautiful yarn! I really enjoyed this one.

Pattern: Hyrule Socks by Megan-Anne Llama
Start date: 4 April 2017
End date: 1 September 2017


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