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Misc Monday ~ in which we talk about apps

It’s been a while since I had a post about smartphone apps, so let’s have another, shall we? First off, I have to start off by saying that we are an Apple family here, so I don’t have any apps on my list which aren’t on Apple’s list. Hopefully there is some Android cross-over for my non-Apple friends.

AutoSleep ~ I use this pretty much every night to track my sleep. It’s great: I can tell it when I go to bed, but I don’t have to. It figures it out based on things like whether I’m moving and whether my iPhone is in use. Then it tracks things like how restless I am and what my heart-rate is while I’m sleeping. (company website; Apple only?; paid app)

Paprika ~ LOVE this app! It’s what I use to organize my recipes. (I enjoy it enough that I have it on ALL of my devices.) I’m still working on typing in all of the recipes I have on hand-written cards, but it does make finding what I’m looking for — and trying new recipes — so much easier. (company website; Apple (iPhone, iPad, Mac), Android, Kindle Fire, Windows; paid app)

Crunch Time ~ This is a relatively standard match game, but it has Simon’s Cat illustrations. When you match chains of the same type of cat food/treat, they get fed to Simon’s Cat (and friends). Basic game, cute graphics. (website; Apple, Android; I think it’s free with add-on purchases?)

Pinterest ~ I’ve been loving pinning things. (I knew I would get addicted, which is why I took so long to sign up.) I’ve been trying to make myself try things from Pinterest, too, and have (off & on) done a decent job of that. But I like the app better than the website version of the site. (website; Apple, Android, online; free app)

Hamilton App ~ This is probably going to be a short-lived thing for me (since I’m not using it for the lottery entries) but it’s amusing for the moment. I think one of the things I like best is when the app is loading something it has a screen with the show logo and “WAIT FOR IT.” I love that song, so enjoy references to it. (website; Apple, Android; free app, though you can use it to buy things)

Tsuro ~ Neat game that really captures a board game feel on an app. This is one you can play socially, but I haven’t done that yet, instead only playing with the game’s AI. It’s got fun game mechanics, but above all it’s a pretty game. And easy to learn the basics of, as well! I think getting really good at it might take a bit more time than I’ve spent playing so far. (website; Apple, Android; I think this is a paid app that I got as a “game of the week” freebie… but I’m not sure)

That’s my current list. Do you have any favorite apps that I should check out?


One thought on “Misc Monday ~ in which we talk about apps

  1. I’m on Pinterest, but I don’t DO anything really – just use it to track some art journal stuff. Might have to check out the Simon’s Cat matching game…

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