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Misc Monday ~ in which we have eclipse linkity

Let’s do some brief linkity about the Solar Eclipse today! Yes, I know, the eclipse was a week ago, but I had other plans for last week’s post.

First of all, the USPS has Solar Eclipse stamps! And when you heat them up (say, by holding your thumb over the image) you can see the moon! (Yes, I bought a sheet. They’re cool!)

The Oatmeal had a great comic about the eclipse. (safe for work for a change)

xkcd also had a fun comic. (be sure to hover over the image to see the alt text)

NASA had some great stuff about the eclipse. I particularly like the image with the ISS transit.

For myself, I didn’t see much through the clouds. It was still really neat, though!

5 thoughts on “Misc Monday ~ in which we have eclipse linkity

    1. Isn’t it fun? It may have been entirely a marketing ploy (I might not have bought the stamps otherwise), but it’s still a really neat idea.

    1. It was kinda nice – I ended up not having time to make a pinhole camera, but since we had no shadows there would have been nothing to image.

      The stamps are a lot of fun!

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