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Friday Reads ~ in which I discover a thing

Remember how a few weeks back I was trying to figure out why I had trouble getting into ebooks, and trying to find ways to trick myself into remembering that I had a ebook in progress so that I actually finished them? And then I decided to read a short story on my ereader because I seem to have better luck with short format ebooks than the longer ones?

Well. I discovered this week that what I was reading was NOT a short story. It was a book sample. However, by the time I discovered that, I was hoooked and have since been remembering to read my ebook. So maybe that’s the trick? Start with samples and see if I’m interested enough to keep going? This requires more research to confirm.


I didn’t technically finish any books. But I did finish the sample (first 8 chapters or so) of Xenation: Draw the Line by Lazette Gifford. Does that count?


I’m still reading Xenation, and still loving it. This has been a good choice for ebook (for me). It turns out you can buy the book in paperback form, too, but I’m sticking with the ebook. (Which is available on iBooks. I couldn’t remember my Smashwords account from when I got the sample, so I got the iBooks version instead.)

I’m still listening to The Medieval World lecture series by Prof. Dorsey Armstrong, as well. Still enjoying it, though I have been getting a bit annoyed that she will usually read quotes in their original Old English and then translate them into modern English. We don’t really need to hear the full quote in a language we don’t understand. (Though I did take a college course in Old English, so I do get some of it.) Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales has been fully translated into Modern English. Just read us that quote.

I’m also still reading Doctor Who: City of Death by James Goss and Douglas Adams. So far it has a lot of what was in the TV episodes with a little additional explanation and background. It’s enjoyable, but there are no surprises for me with this one, since I’ve seen the TV episodes several times.


My next ebook (yes, I have a plan for it this time!) will be Lazette’s Farstep Station, which (as far as I can tell) is set in the same world as Xenation though with different characters. It’s a fun world, so I’m interested in reading more.

I’ll almost certainly listen to Split the Party by Drew Hayes next, when I’m done with my current audio book. (That’s the sequel to NPCs.) I really enjoyed the first book, so I’m really excited to keep going in the series.

And for paper books… My Cat Mystery Reading Challenge needs me to read more books in that genre. So I think I’ll see which other books I own fit the bill for that category. (“Currently own” because I’m trying to whittle down my physical TBR pile, even though I do have a weakness for buying new books when I get too close to a book store…)

Have a great weekend! I’m hoping I get to spend mine with books and wine.


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