Friday Reads

Friday Reads ~ in which a holiday week leaves little time for reading

Happy Friday! With Tuesday being a holiday here in the States, you’d have thought that would give me much more time for reading than usual. However, since I spent most of the 4th knitting and visiting with friends instead of reading, that means that I got less reading done than usual. (My usual reading time these days is my commute (audio book), my lunch break (paper or ebook), and at work when I have busy work to do (audio book).) So nothing has been finished since last week, but I am still enjoying all the books I was reading last week.

As a quick recap:


The Medieval World, a Great Courses lecture series by Dorsey Armstrong

Doctor Who: City of Death by James Goss and Douglas Adams

Xenation: Draw the Line by Lazette Gifford

All are still fun. I’m making progress on each, but not enough on any to have a clear decision made on what to read after I finish any of them. Still, for this week at least I will focus on enjoying the books I’m currently reading instead of trying to look ahead to what I want to read next.

Have a great weekend!


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