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WIP Weds ~ in which I don’t knit

I didn’t knit this week.

I know, that sounds unrealistic. But really, I didn’t.

Last week (after my WIP Weds post of last week) I read on my lunch breaks instead of knitting. (And for once I didn’t do both at the same time.) Then I went to a baseball game with my dad on Saturday for an early Father’s Day, and I didn’t bring my knitting with me. (Not sure why. Maybe because we were sitting about 13 rows back from the field and I didn’t want to split my focus between the knitting and the game? Or maybe because it was REALLY HOT and I couldn’t even think about wool.)

Instead of knitting at the game, I got sunburned.

And then, being sunburned on my thighs and arms, I didn’t want to think about wool for even longer.

The sunburn is pretty well faded by now, though, so there should be knitting again next week. In the meantime, here’s an article that I found (through the Space Cadet newsletter) which talks about knitting spies. Really neat article. I’ve read about knitting being used for secret messages in fiction, but wasn’t really aware that it’s based in fact.

Have a great rest of the week!


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