Friday Reads

Friday Reads ~ in which I can’t read the inside of my eyelids

Sleep. It’s a wonderful thing. I never seem to get enough of it these days.

I know, it’s my own fault for not going to bed earlier. (I can say this since I tend to pass out very soon after going to bed and attempting to sleep. It is possible that, should I go to bed earlier, I would lay awake thinking instead of sleeping. Then it would no longer be my fault, since I’d be trying to get more sleep. Since I’m not trying, it’s my fault. (Just wanted to be clear, since I have friends who are insomnia-sufferers, and I don’t want it to seem that I’m belittling their difficulties.))

Anyway. In my case, at least, sleep (or a lack thereof) and pleasure reading don’t mix well. I will be attempting to stay up reading. Therefore I am not sleeping. But when I try to read, my eyes drift closed, so I’m not getting any reading done, either. The end result is that neither gets accomplished very successfully.


All that to say that, even though my current paper book is a thin volume, I haven’t finished it.

I have finished an audio book, however: Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Very enjoyable listen, even if some of what was said is not going to stick with me. (This is more learning than pleasure reading, and I do my best learning when I see something and write it down. Since I heard all of this, it won’t all stick.) Some of it will stick, however, and this is a short enough audio book that I might listen to it again. I’m also pretty sure that I’ll be buying a copy of it in paper form, too.


I am currently reading The Cat Who Saw Red by Lilian Jackson Braun, the 4th Cat Who book. (Yes, I skipped #3.) It’s enjoyable so far, but I haven’t gotten very far into it and I’ve already predicted someone who is likely to die. There are certain themes in cozy mysteries. Also, there are certain regular happenings in this series — like so far, in every installment Qwill gets a new column / section / topic to cover, and a new apartment. Amusing, but predictable.

I have just started listening to NPCs by Drew Hayes. It’s been on my radar for a while, and I want to read it early enough in the year to be able to decide whether or not it will be on my gift-giving list. (Yes, I plan these things way in advance when I can. I’m weird like that.)

As you have probably guessed, on the e-reader I am still making my way through both Paid in Gold and Blood by Lazette Gifford (though that one’s technically on pause) and the InCryptid shorts by Seanan McGuire. I’m into the Verity and Dominic short stories now, so I’m nearly caught up to the point where I can’t read any more shorts for fear of spoilers.


I really have no idea what my next paper book will be. I have a Doctor Who novelization which was given to me last Christmas. Maybe I’ll read that. I also have Sparrow Hill Road by Seanan McGuire which I thought was a stand-alone novel but which may actually tie into the InCryptid series. Maybe I’ll read that instead. My physical TBR pile is large enough that I have a huge selection of books to choose from and unless I have specific plans I never know what I’m going to end up with when I go to select a new book.

My next audio book is also up in the air, since I just started one. And as far as ebooks go… it will be a long time before I need to worry about my next one of those.


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