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Friday Reads ~ in which it is all InCryptid, all the time

Yup. Still on the InCryptid series.

In fact, that’s ALL I have read this week. I have read all of the early short stories I can get my hands on (I haven’t yet gotten a copy of the anthologies holding a couple of the stories) and have moved on toward the “present day”, though I’m not quite there yet. And I’m still working on the third novel at the same time (which makes things occasionally slightly confusing, but not too bad). But. I haven’t listened to my audio book all week, nor have I read anything else.

I still blame the mice.


I have read a lot of InCryptid short stories. Pretty much all of the ones featuring Jonathan and Fran, and Alice and Thomas, except the couple which were published in anthologies instead of online. The official list (and download links!) can be found here: InCryptid Short Stories


I still have The Seventh Bride and Paid In Gold And Blood technically in my “currently reading” list, though they have been set aside in favor of the InCryptid series.

What I’m actively reading at the moment is Half-Off Ragnarok (InCryptid novel #3) and “Blocked,” a short story featuring Antimony Price (the youngest of the siblings). “Blocked” happens before “Bad Dream Girl,” which is in the Glitter and Mayhem anthology and I’ve already read.


Well, while I’m not done with the InCryptid series yet, I do want a little break from it or I’ll devour the whole thing and then be sad because it’s over. So my next paper book will be the next “Cat Who” book. That’s The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern.

As to the rest, I’m still leaning toward Astrophysics for People in a Hurry for my next audio book. However, I might start that one before I finish with The Seventh Bride, depending on how much I need a non-fiction break.


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