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Friday Reads ~ in which I finally finish an eBook

Yes, I know. eBooks and I have a love-hate relationship. It’s not really either of our faults, it’s just the way it goes. And I can go weeks while making barely any progress on the eBook in question, only to finish the remaining two-thirds of it over the span of 36 hours. (Yes, that’s what happened this week.) This is the nature of my relationship with eBooks. I’ll just have to get used to it.


As you may have guessed, I finished the eBook I had been working on: Kat Among the Pigeons by Lazette Gifford. I really enjoyed it, and the world Lazette created for the story is a lot of fun. I’m curious to see if there are more stories set in that world, but I haven’t checked yet. (Full review is here.)


I started another of Lazette’s eBooks, Paid in Gold and Blood. I’m not sure how long this one will take me, but if my recent history is any indication it will be a while. We’ll see. Sometimes I will binge-read multiple eBooks in a row, so that’s also possible. I haven’t gotten too far into this new one yet, though.

I’m getting close to done with Time for the Stars by Robert Heinlein, though I’m still working on that one. It’s enjoyable, yet also odd. I suspect this is partly because it’s a futuristic YA originally published in 1956. So many things have changed since then, and not just as far as science and technology go. It was written pretty progressively for its time (as an example, it’s not as overtly sexist or racist as some other books from its era that I have read) but it still has an old-fashioned-futuristic feel to it. I can’t really describe it any better than that. I hope you understand what I mean. (I also hope it’s clear that this isn’t really hindering my enjoyment of the story. It’s just making it a slightly odd book to listen to.)

I’m also nearly done (but not quite) with Choose Your Own Autobiography by NPH. I’m still very much enjoying the book. But…

I also got impatient to start my next Seanan McGuire book, so I’ve picked up Midnight Blue-Light Special, InCryptid #2, and am reading that too. (Because you know. I am crazy and read lots of books at once.)


My next audio book will still likely be either The Seventh Bride by T. Kingfisher or The Great Courses’ The Medieval World, but I also might decide to go with Neil deGrasse Tyson’s newest, Astrophysics for People in a Hurry. Too many good choices, and I’m going to end up picking on a whim.

The next paper book is up in the air, since I’ve already started on what should be my “next” book. And my next eBook will be determined when I’m a lot closer to done with my current one.

What about any of you? Am I the only crazy one to read lots of books simultaneously? (I know Mr. Wyrm doesn’t. He sticks to one at a time.)


5 thoughts on “Friday Reads ~ in which I finally finish an eBook

  1. Haha. I’m opposite… I have only read 4 physical books so far… which is kind of sad…. but there are THOUSANDS of ebooks available to me for free using Overdrive so I’m easily swayed.

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