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Misc Monday ~ in which I link to Bullet Journal sites

I haven’t talked much about Bullet Journals on here, but I have been doing a lot of looking into how other people use their BuJo (common abbreviation for Bullet Journal) in the year-plus since I started mine. Let’s look into some of those other reference sites today, shall we?

  • Bulletjournal.com ~ first we have the official site. This is the best place to begin if you are looking at whether or not a Bullet Journal is right for you. However, this is not a one-stop-shop anymore. Too many people have made Bullet Journalling their own. You can certainly use the BuJo in its original, simple form. But if this looks too austere for you, don’t worry. There are plenty of mods you can make (and plenty of examples of these mods).
  • Boho Berry ~ Kara at Boho Berry is not the first example of a more colorful, creative Bullet Journal that I found, but her journal is one of the ones that inspired me to do more with mine. The link at the top of this bullet is one of her early BuJo posts; she has more here and here.
  • Tiny Ray of Sunshine ~ Kim is another one of the bloggers whose BuJo I first saw as an example of what I could do with mine. Hers adds color to the official plan (not that the official BuJo site says you *can’t* add color) but is otherwise very minimalistic. It’s a refreshing change among some of the elaborate journals out there. (She also has more BuJo posts here.)
  • Wundertastisch ~ Sandra at Wundertastisch is a Bullet Journal blogger I found later on, but she has some good ideas that would be helpful to new BuJo-ers. She also has some free printables which may work well for you if printables are your thing. (I tried using printables, but with a very few exceptions I found that I would print something which appealed to me at the time, and then not use it.)
  • Sublime Reflection ~ I don’t remember when I found this site (and I think I found it via Pinterest, where you can get sucked into a black hole of BuJo ideas) but this particular spread was useful for me in getting my weekly layout ironed out into something I would use successfully.
  • Pretty Prints and Paper ~ I mostly visited this site when I was trying out the daily challenge prompts (handwriting, planning, etc) and didn’t visit much after I decided that the daily challenges were too much structure for me. Still, even if you don’t like the challenges, she has a lot of good examples and links.
  • Time Management Options ~ There are three sites I used primarily when I was deciding on my time management / tracking. I started using a bar with my time tracking at the top of my daily spreads, like the ones shown here (Boho Berry) and here (Passion Themed Life). Sometimes I will still go back to those bars (for one thing, because they’re easy to draw and I – for example – don’t bring my Spiraldex stamp along on vacation) but I found that I wasn’t as good about using the time tracker bar as I was about using the Spiraldex. They both use the same principle, so I have no idea why I like to use more often than the other.

So there’s a bit of linkity to help you with your BuJo set-up, if you use (or want to try) the Bullet Journal method. I love it because of how flexible the system is. (You should be able to get a hint of that from the variety in the links above, and that’s just scratching the surface on BuJo links.)

For today’s contest entry, if you have looked into the BuJo, please let me know which sites (if any) inspired your journal! If you don’t BuJo, then just any comment will be fine.

(Reminder: the give-away will be for a blank notebook, a couple of fountain pens and ink samples, and a self-inking Spiraldex stamp. I meant to have a picture for today’s blog post, but didn’t get it taken over the weekend. I’ll try to take one this week instead. Entries will be accepted for the entire month of April, with the give-away closing on Sunday, 4/30, at 8am Pacific.)


3 thoughts on “Misc Monday ~ in which I link to Bullet Journal sites

    1. That’s the way I was with probably every other planner I ever tried until I started my BuJo. It’s either the right system for me, or the right timing for a planner to work. Either way, it’s not for everyone!

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