Misc Monday ~ in which I have a giveaway

Happy Monday, and Happy April! I feel like doing a giveaway today… sound okay to you?

So, I’ve only made a little reference to it, but I’ve been using the Bullet Journal method for organizing for a little over the past year. I’ve been really enjoying it. I’ve also been using the Spiraldex time tracking system for a while, too. (I got the Spiraldex info from here, but here are some other good links about it.) After using print-outs of the Spiraldex for a while, I decided to make a stamp out of it. And then I realized that I wanted to modify the stamp I’d made, so I made a second one and now have one to give away.

I also have picked up some fountain pens that I decided to try which I decided I wasn’t going to keep for one reason or another (though both still work just fine; they’re just not for me). So in addition to the Spiraldex stamp, I’m also giving away a JinHao 250 fountain pen and a Noodler’s Ahab pen. (The JinHao just didn’t feel right in my hand, and the Noodler’s pen is plastic – which makes it a lighter weight pen than I prefer. So it’s entirely personal preference.)

I’m also running out of room in my ink sample storage, so I’ll throw in a few ink samples I’ve picked up from Goulet Pens. And, I have several blank journals (and some lined journals) which I have no current use for, so I’ll pick one of those later and add it as well.

I’m going to have this give-away run for the rest of the month, and will pick a winner on the last day of the month (which conveniently happens to be a Sunday). Entries will be open until 8am Pacific Time on Sunday, April 30th. I’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner later on Sunday, and will post the winner in May 1st’s Misc Monday blog.

So, to recap: you could win a care package including a Spiraldex self-inking stamp, a JinHao 250 fountain pen, a Noodler’s Ahab fountain pen, some ink samples, and an as-yet undetermined blank journal. (It might be lined, or blank, or grid. I don’t know yet.) How to enter, you want to know? Well, give me a minute. Let’s talk about Bullet Journalling a bit first.

For the best explanation of it, check out the official website. But a quick summary of it is as follows: you use a blank journal as the base for a journal-slash-diary. (Some people modify other planners, but I don’t do it that way.) You then use whatever combination of monthly, weekly, daily, and specialty spreads you like in order to track your tasks, events, etc. People use the Bullet Journal to track all kinds of EVERYTHING, from daily to-do lists to weight loss spreads to financial savings goals to vacation planning lists. It’s truly amazing how people have adapted the Bullet Journal. I have pictures of a few of my own spreads to share, though I have hidden some of the more personal information for the purpose of sharing the pictures. You can also see areas where I have made mistakes and resorted to white-out to fix the errors.

Here’s a picture showing how I use the Spiraldex. I have a color-coding system that I use for basics (work, sleep, knitting, etc) and then I write in the day’s additional colors below the Spiraldex. (This is the newer one that I’m keeping. The one I’m giving away looks like this one, but with blank circles instead of circles with the hours filled in.) This is also an example of how I use my daily spreads. (I use monthly, weekly, and daily spreads, since the to-do list aspect is what I appreciate most about the BuJo.)

Bullet Journal

This is my monthly spread. By the end of the month I will have filled in the top section with another quote or stickers or something – whatever speaks to me at the time. (Also, the picture cut off the “April 2017” header. Oops.)

Bullet Journal

Some people do a small habit (etc) tracker. Mine is a full 2-page spread. I track EVERYTHING I CAN THINK OF – in addition to habits and medications, I have a section for weight tracking, sleep tracking, and step tracking. New this month I added a notes section, where I can write down things like headaches, cramps, or whatever else I didn’t plan for.

Bullet Journal

This photo is of my cat tracker and misc. monthly stuff. I like tracking what recipes I tried each month, as well as what knitted (or crocheted, etc) objects I finished in a month. This is also where I track my progress on my 101 in 1001 Challenge. And last, but certainly not least, this is where I keep track of my monthly books read. I used March’s here instead of April, so that you can see how I use it. I write in the title of each book as I start it, and then color it in when I finish it (or cross it off if I DNF it). And for the cat stuff, I track what I feed her, when I feed her, how much she weighs, and any other random stuff I need to track. Vet visits and hairballs are two examples of these other things.

Bullet Journal

And finally, here’s my weekly spread. This is where I’ve been tracking my meal plan, my water intake, my blog posts, and the mileage for my goal to walk from Hobbiton to Rivendell. (So I track official walks here, not whatever walking around I do at the office.)

Bullet Journal

So that’s my Bullet Journal in a nutshell! Do you use the BuJo? If so, what are your favorite spreads?

And, the part of this blog post you’ve been waiting for: how do you enter the contest? Well, leave me a comment on this post (and be sure to include your email address so I can contact you if you win). For today’s entry, any comment is fine! There will be additional ways to enter during the rest of the month, so stay tuned!

Edit: I forgot to mention that I will ship anywhere. If you are picked in the drawing and have a mailing address, I will send you the package of stuff!


7 thoughts on “Misc Monday ~ in which I have a giveaway

  1. OMG. You are so organized! :O I’m not entering, because I have a few Noodler’s plastic pens of my own I should get rid of, and – I would never use the Spiraldex, alas. But I’ll mention it Friday, if it’s ok with you.

  2. I’m impressed at your organizational talent! Maybe a notebook would stop me from writing haphazard notes on random scraps around the house (a tendency I inherited from my late dad, I think)…

    1. Well, keeping a notebook helped me move away from writing daily to-do lists on Post-It notes… it might help you, too! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Came here from Chris’s links (by way of kmkat). Love your spiraldex stamp, I’ve been toying with bullet journaling but haven’t managed to make it a habit yet (should I track that in my Bu Jo?).

    1. Welcome! I love Chris’ linkity posts. For myself, I find that Bullet Journalling works best when I need to use it. There are days (weeks!) when I track barely anything because nothing needs to be tracked. Lately, though, life has been busy enough to need ALL THE TRACKING. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

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