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WIP Weds ~ in which there are no pictures

Yup, you read the title right. No pictures. I don’t blame you if you want to stop right there and leave since there will be nothing to look at but words.

I have been knitting, though not a ton. Mostly on the second lace cowl (the one with the beads). I still love that pattern and the way it turns out. The beads make it that much better.

But there hasn’t been a lot of knitting because I have been doing other things. Reading some. Visiting with family. Playing video games (a bit of Morrowind now in addition to Stardew Valley – which I’m nearly done with for now). Cleaning up. Chores. You know. All the other little things which need doing and prevent obvious progress from being made on the fun craft things.

Beyond that, I’ve been staring out the window a lot. It’s been gray and rainy here in “sunny” California for quite some time. We have a few periods of sunshine, but there has been more rain than normal this year. You may have heard about the flooding and spillover from the reservoirs. It’s been strange, going from way below capacity to so full that the spillways have become rivers and there’s concerns about dam safety.

I am ready for a change. I love the rain, but I also love sunny days. Besides, I joke about it a lot, but sometimes I think that my favorite season is whichever season is next. I’m ready for spring.


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