Friday Reads

Friday Reads ~ in which the library throws a wrench in my plans

Well, before we get into this week’s books, let me give you a quick update on last week’s finished book. I have the review for A Journey to the Center of the Earth up here, if you’re interested. (If not that’s fine too. But since it wasn’t ready in time for last week’s Friday Reads, I thought I’d share just in case.)

And now for this week:


I finished the 12th Girl Genius graphic novel last Friday (I think it was Friday). It was one of those “start reading with dinner and don’t stop until ‘THE END'” type of nights. It was lovely. I do still enjoy the series, but we’re in an enjoyment dip for me. (I tend to go from loving the story to liking the story and back again periodically depending on which sub-plots are being focused on. I’m currently in the “liking it” stage.)

I was listening to Fablehaven by Brandon Mull, but decided not to finish it. It’s interesting enough at the beginning, but it hasn’t caught my interest the way I suspect it would for someone of the target audience. (Does this qualify as a Middle Grade book? I’m leaning toward yes.) But I figure since I’ve gotten about a quarter of the way into the book, exciting things have started happening with fairies, and I still don’t care what’s happening, this book isn’t for me. However, for someone in the age range (and reading skill level perhaps?) I think this would be an enjoyable book. Things seem to be explained at a good enough level for pre- or young teens, and the actions of the pre-teen main characters are probably more interesting to readers in the target age range.


I am still reading Wish You Were Here. I’m really getting into it now, though, and so the reading is going faster. (When it started, it was very much what a cozy mystery is to me – something fun to read, but without the suspense that keeps you from putting the book down.)

And on my eReader I am still reading Glitter & Mayhem. Remember how I said it was a larger book than I expected? It still is. I’m still enjoying it, and I’ll go into which of the stories I enjoyed the most when I eventually finish it and write a full review. (Because as with any short story compilation, there are some good, some great, and some meh stories. And, as is again normal for short stories, my opinions may or may not match yours. If this compilation sounds interesting to you, you should read it and make your own opinions. And then please explain the story about death/dreaming to me.)

And, since I’ve DNF’d Fabelhaven, I have started listening to Prince Caspian, which I REFUSE to refer to as Narnia Book #4. I’m sorry, to me this is still Book #2 (in much the same way that STAR WARS is STAR WARS and not A NEW HOPE). It’s narrated by Lynn Redgrave. I bought the Narnia boxed set of Harper Audio CDs, and I love them all. WELL WORTH a purchase if you like C.S. Lewis’ works and audiobooks.


Well, I will read the next Girl Genius book at any moment. That one is on my “read in its entirety as soon as I have a whole evening free” pile, because I don’t like stopping half-way through these graphic novels.

EReader-wise, Nozy Cat #1 is still queued up next. Still waiting on me to finish Glitter & Mayhem first. (Ideally I would also finish Wish You Were Here before really getting into Nozy Cat, so that I only have one cat mystery going at a time, but we’ll see.)

I also have a change of plans for my next paper book read. I went to the library on a whim the other day, and they had A Darkness Absolute in stock. (This is the next Casey Duncan novel by Kelley Armstrong.) So I picked it up, but it’s not a renewable books (this copy is in a special “no holds, no renewals” section with other new and popular books) so I have to read it within three weeks. It will be my next paper book.

After that… well, when have you known me to go the library and come home with only one book? So after that I’ll start on one of the other three or four library books I picked up. And then I’ll go back to my personal TBR pile. Which keeps growing. Because I can’t stop going into bookstores, either.


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