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Friday Reads ~ in which we take a journey (to the center of the Earth)

There was a little more progress this week, but again I’m spread too thin book-wise to get as much finished as I’d like. (There has also been much more video gaming than is helpful for reading.)


I finished listening to Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth as read by Tim Curry. I went into this one expecting a different listening experience than I got – I don’t quite know how to explain it, but I’ll try. There are some actors who tend to play characters with a certain feel to them, and so we start to associate the actor with that kind of character, that kind of voice. Tim Curry is one of those for me. But for this book, he read it quite… normally. I could hear the inflections I’ve come to expect from him at certain points, but it’s like the difference between a movie and an interview. The actors sound familiar, but not the same.

In any case, I enjoyed the book and the narration. The book was about what I’d expected, and the narration was probably better than I’d expected. A full review will follow later.


I’m still reading Wish You Were Here by Rita Mae Brown. I still like it, but there hasn’t been as much paper-book-reading time as normal.

I’m also still reading Glitter & Mayhem. There are more short stories than I expected in this compilation. Great for value, not so great for amount of time required to finish the book. Still, many of these stories are tons of fun.

I’m also technically still reading Nozy Cat #1 by Lyn Key. I haven’t gotten through the first chapter yet, though, because I started reading Glitter & Mayhem before I got very far with Nozy Cat. (No fault of Lyn Key, though. I had wanted to read the short story anthology and was unable to, so I started the cozy cat mystery before I’d planned. Then when G&M became available, I switched back to my original plan.)


Once I finish Glitter & Mayhem I will get truly started on Nozy Cat. So that’s really a “read next” instead of a “reading now”. (These are both ebooks. I think I forgot to mention that earlier.)

Also, I’m not sure if my original plan to read Neil Patrick Harris’ Choose Your Own Autobiography will stick or not. I just realized that Kelley Armstrong’s second Rockton book has been released in hardcover now, so if my library has A Darkness Absolute in stock next time I go, I might read that next instead.

And for audio, I will probably start the next Narnia book by C.S. Lewis next. (I’m on Prince Caspian next, since I read them in publication order and not chronological. I’m old-school that way.)

Have a great, book-filled weekend!


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