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WIP Weds ~ socks again

Unlike last week, this week there has been knitting on my Hedera socks. I do still like the knit, both the pattern and the yarn. One thing I especially like about sock knitting is that the rows don’t get tons longer the longer you work on the project. Unlike shawls.

Anyway, here’s the current state of the Hedera socks:

I’m getting close to the point where I can say I’m nearly done with sock #1. And then it will be time to start sock #2. It really is a good thing I like this knit, or I might end up with a single sock.

I have also been working on Babette blanket squares. Here are my latest two squares:

I only have some 6-round squares and some 4-round squares left to crochet before the joining is the only remaining part of this project. I have enjoyed working on it, but I will be SO GLAD to have it finished. Eventually. I’ve stopped looking at the start date and calculating how long it has taken me to do this project. (I’m sure I’ll look again when I finally finish it and write up an FO blog post for the blanket.)

Still, it’s a lot of fun when I can focus on the individual squares and not get overwhelmed by the way this project ended up taking so much longer than I’d originally planned. I had also originally planned to make a second one when this one was done… but that is no longer the plan. I’ll consider crocheting (or knitting) another scrap sock yarn blanket, but it won’t be another Babette. If it took me this long to do blanket #1, I don’t even want to THINK about how long potential blanket #2 would take. I’ll find a different pattern that has the benefit of newness going for it instead.

(Note: do not take this to imply that I dislike the Babette blanket. That is not true. I do like it. But it apparently lacks the ability to hold my interest for too long. Perhaps because the squares are so simple to crochet that I don’t really have to think about them? I had thought that simple squares would make the project easier to finish, but it turns out that projects which are slightly more difficult have a better shot at holding my interest.)

(Another note: I have been knitting on the Cats Will Play shawl, too. But the rows are now long enough that any pictures I took this week would look very similar to the picture I took last week. I may take another picture for next week’s WIP Weds, because there may be enough visible progress again at that point.)

Happy Wednesday!


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