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Misc Monday ~ in which we try something new

So, for a while now I’ve been wanting to do another regular blog post. I have WIP Weds, Friday Reads, and there used to be Ten on Tuesday, but that prompt eventually stopped after a nice long run. But what new blog topic did I want to do? I don’t have enough consistent and shareable writing progress for that to make a good regular blog topic, and I couldn’t think of any other regular blog feature I wanted to add.

However, in the past when I’ve wanted to blog about something but haven’t had a specific topic, I’ve just rambled on about something random. I could make that a regular feature, couldn’t I?

So today I’m introducing Misc Mondays, where I will post on (most) Mondays about whatever I feel like. It might be current events. It might be something I’ve been working on which doesn’t really fit in the craft theme of WIP Weds. It might be a review of a book that I particularly liked (or disliked). It might be a list of random things that are on my mind strung together with or without an obvious theme.

Today it is this introduction. But next week? Who knows?


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