Friday Reads ~ in which nothing got finished

Well, there was reading this week. But sadly, not enough to have finished a book. Oh well, there has been progress anyway.


Nothing to completion. Probably because I have been adding books instead of finishing them.


I am still reading Rita Mae Brown’s Wish You Were Here. But for the bulk of last week, I didn’t have room in my purse for a paperback, so the book stayed home instead of coming to work to read on my lunch break.

Instead, I tried to read the anthology (in ebook version) Glitter & Mayhem, but I had issues with the ebook being messed up. (I had the Kindle version on my phone, and it wasn’t displaying any text except the intro page.) No one could figure out how to get it to work, but I still wanted to read something, so I moved on to another ebook and Cat Mystery #2 – Lyn Key’s Nozy Cat #1. While I’m not exactly enthralled by the book’s title, I am finding the read enjoyable so far.

And then, I got an email from the Amazon Kindle people, who told me that the issue had been fixed, so I re-downloaded Glitter & Mayhem and started reading that. I’m 4 short stories in so far, and am enjoying the compilation. Some stories make more sense than others (one still has me confused) and I like some more than others (the first story in the set is a 12 Dancing Princesses re-telling, and I LOVE THAT STORY so it gets high marks). That is normal with a short story collection. I’m looking forward to reading more of them and maybe finding some new authors from the set.

But these three books in progress still don’t include an audiobook. So of course I had to start listening to one. I went with Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth as narrated by Tim Curry. So far so good, though I think I won’t be able to listen to this one with as much multi-tasking as is my usual. Some classics require more attention than others, and this is one of the ones that needs a bit of focus.


I’ve been missing my Seanan McGuire stories. (That’s why I elected to read Glitter & Mayhem – she has a story in there.) So I think my next book will be either the next October Daye book (I think I’m on Late Eclipses but I couldn’t swear to it) or Midnight Blue-Light Special (the second of the InCryptid books).

As far as audiobooks go, I’ve been eying Fablehaven by Brandon Mull from the library, so that might be next. Or I might continue with my Chronicles of Narnia audiobooks – I bought that set on CD long ago, and ten to listen to them all at least every 2 or 3 years. I listened to the first one again last year, but only the one. I still have 6 more to go.

Have a great weekend! Hard to believe it’s February already…


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