Friday Reads ~ in which I do a lot of listening

Hi there! It’s time for another look at my current books:


I just finished In Shining Armor by Elliott James, Pax Arcana book #4. It was the audio version, read by Roger Wayne. I really enjoyed it, and the full review is here if you’re interested. I started this one last Friday, shortly after posting last week’s Friday Reads post, and finished it Wednesday morning. For an 11 hour audiobook, that’s not bad. Especially since I do a lot of listening while I do other things (busy work, knitting, etc) and had to rewind a lot because I got too distracted with the other stuff and lost the thread of the story. (Not the story’s fault, nor the narrator’s. Just an occasional side-effect of multi-tasking.)


I’m still reading Mrs. Murphy #1, Wish You Were Here by Rita Mae Brown. I’m still enjoying it, but I haven’t had/made much paper book reading time lately. (It’s the Stardew Valley video game time getting in the way again. The past few weeks, instead of reading while I eat dinner, I’ve been gaming.) It’s still a lot of fun. I really like the characters, though I also am looking forward to reading future books in the series when the author has had a chance to grow a little. (This will be book #1 of 10 for my Cay Mystery Reading Challenge.)


I still think that Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris will be my next book. I’m not going to start reading that until I’ve finished the cat mystery book, though. And I’ve also decided that Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne (and narrated by Tim Curry) will be my next audiobook. I’m not sure exactly when I’ll start listening to that one; possibly today, but also possibly not until next week. Sometimes I can move quickly from audiobook to audiobook, but other times it takes me longer.

Are you reading anything fun? I hope you have a great weekend!


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