Friday Reads ~ in which I remember Shakespeare

Happy Friday! It’s time for a reading update.

Since last week, I have finished (re-)reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve read any Shakespeare.I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it, but also how hard it can be to pick it back up after putting the play down. I didn’t read the whole thing at once – there were a couple of days between reading sessions due to one reason or another – and I found that when picking it back up again I got rather confused as to who was who. The minor characters’ names can get quite similar, and I had to go refresh my memory as to who was who. (I guess in that respect, reading Shakespeare for school is easier – with the study guides, you have a quicker character reference.)

With Midsummer finished, I started Wish You Were Here by Rita Mae (and Sneaky Pie) Brown. (Mrs. Murphy book #1 – and one fun side note, I hadn’t realized before I started the book that Mrs. Murphy was the cat and not the human.) I haven’t gotten very far yet (you know you haven’t gotten far into a mystery novel when you haven’t yet reached the murder) but it’s a cute book to this point. I really like the way the pets interact, for one thing. (That’s a good thing, since I’m reading this one because of the inspiration from the Cat Mystery Reading Challenge.)

I am also planning on starting a new audiobook soon, but I’m not sure what yet. I often listen to an audiobook and read a paper book at the same time. So I’ll likely pick something new to listen to before I finish the first Mrs. Murphy book.

My next paper book will probably be Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris. I meant to read this one last year for the 2016 Reading Challenge, but never got there. (I read two memoirs last year, but counted neither of them toward the memoir category; that’s what the NPH book was going to be. Oh well.) I haven’t committed to this, though. It’s just a “probably”.

I also have two new (to me) Girl Genius graphic novels that I might read concurrently with any or all of the above. They (graphic novels) are involved enough for me to consider them as books, but they are different enough from text-only books that I have no problem with reading them at the same time. I guess this is the same thing as listening to a book before finishing a paper book.

Have a great weekend! Have you read any good books lately?


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