Friday Reads ~ new for 2017

We’re going to try something new for Friday Reads now that it’s a new year. Previously, I was using my Friday Reads blog posts to post reviews and such. However, that also means that if I had no book to review, I had nothing to post.

Instead, this year, I will be posting every Friday (or nearly) with an update on what I have read, what I am currently reading, and what I hope to read next.

Early this week (or perhaps late last week?) I finished reading (or rather listening to) Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty & the Beast by Robin McKinley. A full review is here, but the short version is that I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to readers of all kinds. This is a very traditional Beauty and the Beast, yet with enough fleshing out that it is a full-fledged novel and not just a short fairy tale.

And then more recently I finished listening to The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher. That one was very bittersweet, given her passing last month. A full review of that one (read by the author and her daughter) is here. If you have any desire to listen to this one, I highly recommend it. If you want to read the book in some form but don’t have a preference as to format, I’d still suggest listening to it. I LOVE listening to memoirs as read by the author. You know you’re getting exactly the reading they intended.

I also finished reading the book of short stories, Project Elfhome by Wen Spencer. I had read some of these stories before, but not all of them. I did re-read even the ones I’d read before, since I’ve read either one or two more Elfhome books since the initial reading. (Full review is here.) It wasn’t as good as the full-length Elfhome novels, because part of what I love about those is how I get sucked into the world for the duration of the novel. Being short stories, it was harder to get fully immersed in the world. However, it was still very enjoyable and I’ll be happy to add this book to my set of Elfhome novels.

At the moment, I am currently reading Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This is slow going at the moment because I’m reading it for story research and not just for pleasure. I’ve read it before (at least once) and have seen the play performed as well, so there are no surprises for me in the plot.

And next, once I have finished Midsummer, I intend to read Wish You Were Here, the first book in Rita Mae Brown’s Mrs. Murphy series. That’s a cozy mystery series I’ve known of for a while, but never really considered reading until I joined the 2017 Purrfect Mystery Challenge, and committed to reading 10 cozy mystery novels that featured cats. I’m really looking forward to that one.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy your current reads!


2 thoughts on “Friday Reads ~ new for 2017

  1. I’ve enjoyed the couple of books by Robin McKinley I’ve read.
    So, after reading Project Elfhome, I reread the first 3 books in the series – very interesting to see how she hooked the stories in.

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