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Friday Reads: 2016 Recap

So, 2016 is over and 2017 has begun. That means the end of one reading challenge, and the start of a new one. Here’s how I did with last year’s:


Not too bad, considering. I did start a couple of other books that I never finished, and there were some books I finished which I couldn’t add to this list because I didn’t find a place where they fit. So I did read more books than this, but not the right kinds to complete this challenge.

That is part of why my next challenges are going to be more general and less specific. For instance, this year I will be reading 10 cat mystery books, and will be reading at least 3 new books for every 1 re-read. The plan is to whittle down the pile of TBR books already on my bookshelf this year. Though we’ll see where I actually end up with it — there are lots of books I want to read which aren’t on my shelf already, too!

I hope you have a great year full of great books!


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