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WIP Weds ~ the fickle edition

I have been knitting again! Yay! I figured out part of what had stalled me: I over-planned my knitting year. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the projects I have currently OTN* (on the needles). But sometimes having a Plan (yes, with a capital P) can take the fun out of knitting even enjoyable projects. Sometimes I want a new project to get the spark of creativity flowing again. In this case, that spark provided by the Dangling Conversation scarf, which I cast on in my Schachenmayr select Tahiti yarn.

I’m really loving the way this is knitting up. The yarn makes a beautiful fabric, with a lovely drape. There is an occasional problem where the yarn gets splitty when I add a bead, but for the most part it’s not an issue. Speaking of the beads, I picked them at random out of my bead stash because I thought they’d compliment the yarn nicely. I think they were a good choice. I don’t remember where I got them, though, so I can’t pass along that information.

The new knitting has been so much fun that I’m also thinking of casting on the December MKAL: Rose Quartz project that Lattes & Llamas is hosting. I do want to also get back to the projects OTN, but only one of them has anything like a deadline (now that I’ve admitted I won’t be finishing the GAL blanket by the January deadline). So I have the time — I hope — to add another KAL in there as long as I can keep the knitting mojo flowing.

* For the record, before the new item(s) cast on, I had OTN: 2 pairs of socks, the 2016 GAL blanket, the Leaving Cowl, the East of the Sun West of the Moon Shawl which I love but whose rows are really long right now, another shawl which is destined for the frog pond because I don’t like the yarn I picked for it, a toy monkey I’m not happy with but might make myself finish, and the Babette Blanket which hasn’t seen any action in a very long time. I’ll get back to them shortly.



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