Belated Friday Reads ~ Challenge Update

For today, I am running late. (You may have noticed that the posting schedule is still wonky. I haven’t had time to schedule my blog posts as I usually do. Sorry about that.) So instead of a book review, I’m going to leave you with a snapshot of how my Reading Challenge is going.

Book Challenge 10-21-16.png

Does that work for you? I hope so, because it does for me so you’ll have to make do whether you like it or not. My spreadsheet says I’m 78% done with this challenge, which is refreshing. However, I’m also feeling the crunch of time here, so I’m not sure whether I will actually finish or not. We’ll have to see.

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Belated Friday Reads ~ Challenge Update

  1. mrspao says:

    Have you read the Poirot and the Christmas pudding novella? It’s a nice read from what I can remember. Great list.

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