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WIP Weds ~ 10-11-16

Okay, no cute blog post title today. I was sick over the weekend and am still not 100% recovered (that silly thing called “not getting enough sleep” isn’t helping) and so creativity isn’t at its peak right now. But in any case, there has been knitting.

First the newest project:

This is the start of the first MineCraft sock. It has a brick pattern on the leg (and top of the foot, when I get there) which is the texture you can see in this photo. However, this isn’t a very well-lit photo, so it’s hard to see the pattern. This is another reason why I don’t knit with dark yarns often: they’re harder to photograph. (But mostly, they make it harder to read your knitting and fix mistakes.)

This is a pretty simple knit so far, and I’d be a lot further along if I hadn’t spent the weekend being sick.

Actually, I might not be further along on the MineCraft sock. I might instead be further along on the Oregon Trail GAL square:

I am loving this square, but I had to go and make the text readable from both sides, so it’s a lot harder to knit than it would have been if I had left well enough alone. (But then it would have an obvious front and back, and I didn’t want that. However, this means it requires a lot of concentration, and so it wasn’t my sick-time-knitting. Oh well, I will be happier with the finished project this way.

Have a great rest of the week, and I hope you’re all healthy! Being sick is no fun.


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