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WIP Weds ~ Wark!

Okay, so last week I skipped nearly all of my regularly scheduled blog postings, so I don’t think I’ve shown you this square yet. Here is the (now finished) Final Fantasy 2016 Geek-A-Long square:

Final Fantasy GAL Square

Yes, that is a chocobo! I was so happy when I saw that the chocobo was selected to represent the Final Fantasy series on the GAL blanket.

Final Fantasy GAL Square

(Isn’t this side so cute? I love it so much.)

But yes, I realize that this isn’t really a WIP. This is a finished square (even if it’s part of a larger project which is still a WIP). For a true WIP, I have started the Oregon Trail square, and I tweaked the chart so that the letters will be readable from both sides. I’m still relatively new at this Extreme DK chart-making thing, so hopefully I worked it out right and won’t have to rip back any of my knitting. (Also, hopefully I’ll pay enough attention while knitting and won’t make any regular knitting errors.) I’ll try to get a picture of it next week. I haven’t made enough progress on this square yet to really show it off much.

I also couldn’t resist joining Lattes and Llamas for their Socktober knit-along. Because what I need right now is another project on the needles. However, I’ve been feeling the beginnings of startits, and so starting a sock project is in many ways the lesser of two evils. Socks are at least small projects, and travel easily (unlike the Extreme DK Oregon Trail square). I’d been itching to cast on a shawl project or to start a sweater, or… Yes. Socks are safer. Hopefully I’ll be able to work on the GAL square in quiet moments at home, and can take the Socktober KAL MineCraft socks with me in places where I wouldn’t be easily able to work on the GAL square.

MineCraft socks

Plus, I love this yarn. Zitron Trekking XXL is what I’ve made my favorite pair of socks from – which I then wore so often I wore a hole in the toe. Must find the time (and the leftover yarn) to patch them back up again, so I can wear them more! … and also just knit more socks from Trekking.


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