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WIP Weds & Sleep Deprivation

I know I often say that these WIP Weds posts will be quick, but today I mean it. (However, I mean it at the start of this post. I may get going and be unable to stop. That happens sometimes too. See? I’m doing it now.)

Anyway, why so short? Because in spite of my best intentions, I haven’t been getting much sleep lately. The show I’m working on is in full swing with rehearsals, and I need to be at each and every rehearsal we run. My day looks pretty crazy: get up, throw clothes on, feed the cat, go to work, hopefully have had time for breakfast but if not eat a protein bar at my desk, try to go for a walk on my lunch break so I get some exercise in, drive home, feed the cat again, feed myself (food at home if I have leftovers but fast food if not), open up the rehearsal space, do my job during rehearsal, drive home, email out rehearsal notes, shower (washing my hair only if there’s time or a desperate need), and fall in bed. Rinse and repeat. Monday through Friday.

So. As you can see that only really leaves the weekends for knitting. And my knitting time is cut even further short when I discover an error several rows back that can’t be easily tinked back to, but must be ripped out. That’s what happened with my Skyrim square.

So, my current progress on the only knitting I’ve worked on this week looks very similar to the last progress picture you saw of it, with a few more rows added to the top in spite of the many more hours I spent working on it. Oh well. It’s correct now, and I won’t have to be sad looking at an error I was too lazy to fix.

2016 GAL Skyrim square (9/13/16 progress)

Anyway, I love this square. And the yarn. LOVE. (So I guess re-knitting a chunk of it wasn’t too bad.) I’m going to be so happy when I can see what it looks like finished. Oh – and this pictures is a pretty good representation of the color of the contrast yarn. Such pretty. Many sparkly. Wow.

(Side note: I just realized that taken separately, the top half of this square also looks like it could be Maleficent, the most awesome Disney Dragon ever. Hmm.)


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