Ten On Tuesday ~ Football Foods

The Ten On Tuesday prompt for September 13, 2016 is 10 Favorite Football Foods. As in, your favorite things to eat while watching football.
Have fun!

Um. Favorite foods to eat while watching football? I only watch – at most – one game a year, and that’s only when our friends have a Superbowl party. And even then, we’re only kinda watching the game. But I guess I can list my favorite foods to eat at that party. That should count.

  1. Meatballs. You know, the Crock Pot version with the BBQ sauce.
  2. Chips and dip. Preferably the French Onion kind of dip with Ruffles.
  3. Cheeseburgers. Home grilled. Yum.
  4. Cake! Our friends’ party is a potluck, and it’s a tradition that one other couple always brings a cake. Usually decorated in one football them or another. (It’s been a football field, a football itself… you get the idea.)
  5. Veggies with ranch dip. Have to get the vegetables in somewhere.
  6. Nachos! Another Crock Pot favorite.
  7. Pigs in a Blanket. Sometimes I remember to make these for the potluck, and sometimes someone else does, but they’re always tasty whenever someone remembers them.
  8. Chocolate! Someone usually brings a box of Sees or Godiva. (Sometimes it’s me.)
  9. Hot dogs. Not quite as preferred as the cheeseburgers, but also tasty.
  10. Cookies! Again, someone always brings cookies. Usually chocolate chip, though sometimes other flavors. And I always eat them. Because cookies.

Have a great day!


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