Ten On Tuesday ~Homesick

The Ten On Tuesday prompt for August 30, 2016 is 10 Things You Miss About Your Home When You’re Away.
Have fun!

We missed out on the Ten On Tuesday prompts for a couple weeks, but they’re back now! Here’s this week’s list:

  1. My cat!
  2. My bed. (Some hotel beds are more comfortable, true, but many of them are less so.)
  3. My pillow. (Even more than my bed, I miss my pillow.)
  4. Cooking in my kitchen.
  5. The variety of clothes in my closet. (Even though I pack too many clothes for most vacations, I still prefer being able to pick whatever I want.)
  6. My TV habits. (We don’t watch a lot of shows, but we do have our habits.)
  7. My family. (At least, when they aren’t vacationing with us.)
  8. My schedule. (It’s not work I miss, but I do miss the routine.)
  9. My shower. (Most hotel showers are too low-pressure.)
  10. My library. (Yes, I bring books with me, but sometimes I change my mind about what I want to read.)

Have a great day!


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