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It’s WIP Wednesday again? Already?

I do not know where the time is going. I really don’t. But all of a sudden, it’s late August. In a way, I blame not being in school and not having kids — it was a lot easier to keep track of the days when a change of seasons meant a change in my schedule. But since, as a childfree adult, it’s all work all the time, there’s no seasonal change to remind me where we are in the calendar.

Anyway, since it’s time for a WIP Weds again, how about we jump right into it? First up is the current progress picture of my Hedera socks. (This one is current, unlike last week.)

WIP Weds 8/24/16

I just need to decide how long I want to make the leg, and then I can start the heel. I kinda want to make the leg as long as I can, but I also don’t want to run out of yarn. (This is why I prefer toe-up socks in many cases.) I did weigh my yarn before starting, so I can at least know when I finish sock #1 if I will be able to knit a second sock with the amount of yarn left.

Next up we have the newest Geek-A-Long square. This one features Carmen Sandiego:

WIP Weds 8/24/16

Did any of you play the Carmen Sandiego games? Or watch the TV show? I did both. And I (well, my parents) bought the TV show soundtrack CD, though that was more because of Rockapella than Carmen Sandiego. Anyway, I loved this game (we had “Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego” for the Commodore 64) and so HAD to knit the square. Loving it so far!

And speaking of loving it so far… here’s the current progress of the Geek-A-Long blanket as a whole:

WIP Weds 8/24/16

Knitting each square individually makes it easy to lose track of how much progress I’ve made on the blanket as a whole! It’s getting so big. I’m very happy with it.

The latest square is the Kingdom Hearts square:

WIP Weds 8/24/16

I really like how this one turned out. I’m not sure which side I like best yet. They’re both really cool.

Happy hump day!


2 thoughts on “It’s WIP Wednesday again? Already?

  1. The texture of the Hedera sock is amazing. And your blanket – wow! That’s going to be really cool when you’re finished.
    Heh, we have seasonal differences here, and I still have no idea where the time goes. Nice try tho. ;p

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