WIP Weds ~ Kingdom Hearts & Triforce

One of the 2016 GAL squares features Kingdom Hearts. Now, this is a game I haven’t yet gotten to play, so it seems kinda silly to include it. However, I want to play it, so I’m including it for that reason. Besides, it’s a video game with Disney characters. That just suits me, right?

Here’s my progress on the square so far:

Kingdom Hearts GAL Square 2016

I used the same self-striping yarn I had used for the Triforce square, partly because it was already out, partly because I enjoyed using it so much for the previous square, and partly because it seemed like an appropriate color combination for this square (given that I haven’t played the game yet and don’t know if there are more appropriate colors). I’m enjoying it, and as with the Triforce square it seems to be moving pretty quickly.

Speaking of the Triforce square, it is now done! Here is the finished square:

Finished GAL square: Triforce from the 2014 blanket

I really liked knitting this one. I didn’t play much of any of the Zelda games, either, though I did at least try the original Legend of Zelda. However, you can’t be a gamer geek and not know about Zelda. Also, Mr. Wyrm has played some of the games while I watched and knit, so that was fun. He played the games partly for his sake and partly for mine, so I consider myself an accessory to Zelda if not an actual player.

And because it’s been a while since I linked back to them, here is a link to the Lattes & Llamas blog. This is where they post all about the Geek-A-Long, and where they have links to donate to their sponsored charity, Child’s Play.


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