10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday ~me!

I didn’t do last week’s Ten on Tuesday, but here’s this week’s post!

The Ten On Tuesday prompt for August 9, 2016 is to write a list of 10 words that describe you. The catch is that all the words should begin with the same letter as your first name. Use nouns or adjectives or a mix of both – whatever floats your boat!
Have fun!

This could be … interesting. Well, let’s see how many words I can come up with to describe me that start with “N”…

  1. Nice.
  2. Naughty. (Sometimes, anyway.)
  3. Nor-Cal girl.
  4. Nerdy. (duh)
  5. Nature lover.
  6. Novice weaver.
  7. Non-performer in the theatre realm.
  8. Nearsighted (though not too badly… I need glasses but my prescription isn’t too strong).
  9. Nocturnal, when I’m allowed to be. (Sadly the day job doesn’t usually allow for this.)
  10. kNitter. (Okay, so I cheated. But that one was a gimme!

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