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Friday Reads: Last Wool and Testament

wool.jpgLast Wool and Testament: Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery #1
2016 Book Challenge: a mystery or thriller
by Molly MacRae
(cozy mystery, slight paranormal)

I know I started this book before because I remember the beginning, but I picked it up again since I couldn’t remember how it ended. And now, having finished it, I think I started it but never finished it the last time I got it out of the library. Nothing from the middle half of the book on seemed familiar.

This is a fun cozy mystery. However, don’t expect the yarn content to be anything but superficial. Yes, it’s the first in the “Haunted Yarn Shop” mystery series. But unlike some other fiber-oriented cozy mystery series, this book at least (I can’t vouch for the rest of the series) only uses the yarn shop as a setting. It’s still enjoyable, and the “haunted” part was certainly true (and fun). But don’t expect much in the way of yarn in this one.

As to the plot and characters… the plot was what you would expect from a cozy mystery: on the predictable side, with a bit of a twist thrown in. It was a decent-to-good plot for the genre, but it definitely falls into the cozy mystery sub-genre. The characters are the same. They are enjoyable, some more than others, and they behave as appropriate for the genre and setting. I can’t complain about them, because they are perfectly suited for the book. But… well, most cozy mysteries aren’t on my keeper shelf for good reason. I enjoy reading them, but the characters aren’t ones that I want to visit over and over again.

Should you read it? If you like cozy mysteries, sure. If you like ghosts and cozy mysteries and don’t mind yarn as a backdrop, then yes. If you’re looking for something deep, don’t pick this up expecting that. (Though anyone expecting a deep read from a cozy mystery is crazy.) I may or may not be continuing with the series. I have no objections to reading more, but it will be when I’m looking for something silly and fun. It seems that’s what this series is going to be.


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