WIP Weds ~ the sleepy edition

Not sleepy knitting, or sleep-related WIPs. But I’m sleepy. And so this will be two pictures with very little text. Because I’m too tired to be creative. I should be less tired; I got sleep last night. I didn’t stay up too late reading or playing video games or watching MST3K reruns. But one reason or another, I’m still tired.

Anyway, here’s the first of the two WIPs, one I’m not sure I’ve shown you yet. This is the Leaving Cowl (named because of the leaf pattern on it, not because anyone is going anywhere). I’m knitting it in white Cascade sport yarn I had planned to use for the 2015 GAL blanket before I decided that I didn’t like doing bunches of double knitting on sport-weight yarn.

It’s a fun knit so far, but I haven’t gotten very far.

Secondly we have the current GAL square: the 2014 Triforce square (from The Legend of Zelda).

I had some self-striping yarn that I was given by one of my knitting friends when I started my first sock yarn scrap blanket, and which I hadn’t used for anything yet because I wanted to use it for something large enough that you could see the stripes. So, here it is in the 2016 GAL blanket. I like the way it’s turning out, and it knits up quickly – partly because this square had lots of easy rows at the beginning (and does again at the end) but also partly because I am a sucker for color changing yarn, and always seem to knit faster when a color change is approaching.

Hope you’re having a great day and week, and aren’t as tired as I am! Time for some more tea, I think…


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