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WIP Weds ~ Retro GAL

(No, that’s not Retro Gal, as in a girl who is retro. It’s Retro GAL, as in a retro Geek-A-Long square. But yes, the pun is intentional.)

Today’s WIP Weds has two Works-In-Progress to show you. First is the aforementioned Retro GAL Square:

The Mario Mushroom GAL Square from 2014! I know, there are still Mario games around and about. But I feel that the mushroom is more representative of the classic Mario games, and so qualifies as retro. (YMMV, of course.)

Second up we have the spinning I got done for the Tour de Fleece:

Tour de Fleece 2016

(The yarn is more purple that it looks on my monitor. There are also some fun sections of chocolate brown, royal blue, and baby blue. Plus IT SPARKLES.)

Yes, I realize that since the TdF is over, this could be considered a finished project and not one in progress. However, since I still have more of this fiber to spin which I haven’t gotten done yet, I’m considering it still a WIP. I’m definitely over half-way done, though! I’m looking forward to having all the spinning finished for this project so I can start the knitting.


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