10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday ~ Heatwave

The Ten On Tuesday prompt for July 26, 2016 is 10 Ways to Beat the Heat.
Have fun!

Sounds like great timing! We’ve been getting hot weather now in my part of California. While I loved the spring-in-July we had been getting, this is more “normal”. If the weather patters can truly be said to be “normal” anymore.

Anyway, here are the first 10 ways I can think of to beat the heat:

  1. Go swimming.
  2. Ice cream!
  3. Watch a movie in an air conditioned cinema.
  4. Take a road trip to somewhere with snow. (Provided you are lucky enough to live close enough to one of these places. We used to go on vacations that took us places like Mt. Shasta, and snow in summer was always a weird thing for me.)
  5. Shave ice. (We usually got ours at the Boardwalk.)
  6. Afternoon naps. (Alas, work gets in the way. When I’m able, though, I love napping in the afternoon and staying up later at night when it’s cool.)
  7. Sit / lay on tile floors. (Our pets have this one down.)
  8. When you go outside, wear tank tops, shorts, and big floppy hats. (And lots of sunscreen.)
  9. Popsicles! (We used to love combining a Popsicle with vanilla ice cream. Home-made creamsickle in any flavor!)
  10. Root beer floats. (Yes, ice cream features in a lot of my ideas. What of it?)

Try to stay cool! (Unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere. And then I guess it would be “try to stay warm.”)


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