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WIP Weds ~ and the GAL keeps going

It seems my WIP Weds posts have been all Geek-A-Long, all the time these days. I guess that’s what happens when you commit to a year-long project. So, here’s more of the GAL progress! First the square I finished over the weekend:

Finished GAL Pac-Man square

Pac-Man, woot! I love the way this turned out, even though I did tweak the colors slightly. (As I mentioned in my prior WIP post about it, the hot pink “should” be red, and the purple-pink color should be a more true pink. But oh well, I like these colors. Also, they’re what I already had, and I’m trying to not buy any more yarn for this.)

Here’s the back side, which is also fun but which I don’t like quite as much:

Finished GAL Pac-Man square

And of course since I finished a square there has been progress on a new square. This one is a 2014 square, but which fits in perfectly with the 2016 video games theme: the Mario Mushroom!

I’m enjoying this one, too. I have gotten a little further along than this picture indicates, but not too far yet. I decided to use this highlighter color for it instead of red (as the original was designed with) because – again – it’s what I had that felt appropriate. It’s a fun color which makes me smile, anyway.

And there’s a new project, too! This one is the Leaving Cowl, and it’s the start of my Christmas knitting.

There has been more progress on this too, but since it’s my current work break knitting I haven’t had a chance to get an updated photo lately. I’m doing the picot edge option for this cowl, and am using yarn that I had originally bought for the 2015 GAL blanket, before I decided that I didn’t want to spend a full year on a double knitting project in sport weight. (I much prefer DK in fingering weight.)

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to. Hope you’re doing something fun!


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