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WIP Weds ~ the good and the bad

Today we have a blog post about the good and the bad of knitting. The good (details and pictures at the end) is the Geek-A-Long blanket. I’m still really enjoying knitting that, and am surprising myself by still working on it. Usually by now with a KAL I would have given up or lost interest. I’m not sure if I’m “on track” with the GAL knitting (and I’m not looking it up just now because I want to focus on the fun I’m having with it) but I’m still working on it and that is something great!

The bad is… well, less great. I’ve been working on the Noro Feather & Fan Socks lately as my work knitting, and while I enjoy the yarn and the pattern, I don’t enjoy them together. To top it all off, the socks don’t fit right. So, it’s off to the frog pond with this project, and I’ll find something else to knit with the Noro yarn that I love. Maybe a scarf or a shawlette? Noro is such a fun yarn that it deserves to be loved and not tolerated, so I want to be sure to do right by it.

Frog pond!

It can be rough frogging a project, but in this case it was rather cathartic. I wasn’t enjoying the WIP anymore, because the combo of yarn and pattern just wasn’t cutting it. I’m happy to be able to reclaim the yarn for something it will work well for. (It might help that I was frogging while reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, AKA the KonMari method. This sock wasn’t sparking joy.)

Something that is sparking joy, however, is the GAL Blanket. I’m really enjoying all the squares I’ve knit so far, and the latest square is no exception. This one is the Pac-Man square.


I’m enjoying knitting this one up a lot. This is the first square with stripes where I haven’t used a self-striping yarn, because the stripes on the striped yarn I have are too small to cover the whole ghost, and each ghost really needs to be the same color. And yes, I know mine aren’t the “real” colors for the Pac-Man ghosts. (They’re supposed to be orange, blue, pink, and red, and I’ve substituted in a pink-ish purple for the pink. You also can’t tell yet, because it’s not in the picture, but I’m going to use a hot pink for the red.) I think they’re close enough and they’re what I wanted to use. I’m having fun, anyway, so it wouldn’t matter if I picked COMPLETELY wrong colors for the ghosts instead of just SLIGHTLY wrong colors.

Hmm, did I show you the finished Dragon Age square? I don’t think I did, so here it is now.

GAL Dragon Age square

This one was a lot of fun – for some reason this pattern was just really easy and fun to knit. Some of the double-knitting squares just seem easier than others, and this was one of those. I also enjoy the colors, which ended up being very close to the original square’s colors. I didn’t intentionally plan it that way, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

Oh! And there’s one more WIP for today’s post:

Tour de Fleece spinning! This is the third bobbin I’ve filled with 2-ply yarn for this year’s TdF. I’m not positive how much yarn that is yet, but it’s a little over 3 oz of fiber total spun so far. There will be more. For the record, this is the Purple Majesty yarn that I listed on my 101 in 1001 challenge. I’m hoping to get it all spun up by the end of the TdF, but if not I will keep spinning until it’s done. I can only do a bit a day with all the other things I have on my daily to-do lists, but even if I can get no more than a bobbin filled a week I will still finish it semi soon if I just keep spinning. (We saw “Finding Dory” last weekend, so I’ll leave you with that thought. Just keep spinning, just keep spinning…)


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