101 in 1001

101 in 1001 ~ The Beginning

I recently became aware of The 101 Things in 1001 Days Challenge. It was started by Day Zero Project, and it sounds like something that’s right up my alley. (I’m a compulsive list-maker, what can I say?) So, I decided to do this challenge myself. I’ve done similar ones before (some of them even on the blog), but never anything this long or ambitious.

For a good explanation of what The 101 Things in 1001 Days Challenge is, I’m going to copy and paste the description of it from the Day Zero blog:

The Challenge:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past – frequently simple challenges such as New Year’s resolutions or a ‘Bucket List’. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips, study semesters, or outdoor activities.

Some other participants of this challenge (and there are lots of them, as Google can show you) have broken the list up into categories, but not everyone has. I am going to, because it makes it easier for me to see how I’m progressing in certain areas of my life, and to see what I need to focus on.

I intend to create a master list with just the description of the challenge and my list of challenge items (and no commentary) and pin it to the top of the blog for easy reference, but for now, here is my 101 in 1001. The list is mostly alphabetical (it’s alphabetized within the alphabetized categories), but in a few cases I moved a task around to better fit with its related tasks.

A note on the “every month of the challenge” tasks: since I determine whether I’ve done something for the month at the end of the month, I’ll be counting all the months in this challenge except for the last one. If I’ve counted correctly, that ends up being 33 months, so that’s what I’ll be tracking unless I determine that I counted wrong.

BookWyrmKnits’ 101 in 1001

START DATE: 7/11/2016
END DATE: 4/8/2019

ARTS & CRAFTS (0/19 complete)

  1. Clean sewing stash and rehome unwanted fabric/notions
  2. Clean spinning stash and rehome unwanted fiber
  3. Clean yarn stash and rehome unwanted yarn
  4. Complete Craftsy photography class to learn how to use my DSLR better
  5. Cull card making supplies to what I will actually use
  6. Finish crocheting Babette blanket
  7. Finish knitting the 2016 GAL blanket
  8. Finish sewing the T-Shirt Quilt
  9. Go through my knitting magazines and determine which ones have patterns I want to knit – keep those, and donate the rest
  10. Go through needle felting supplies and get rid of what I won’t use
  11. Spin Purple Majesty yarn for Boyfriend Sweater
  12. Knit Purple Majesty Boyfriend Sweater
  13. Make at least 2 (digital) scrapbooks for me (0/2)
  14. Make my own Christmas cards (I used to do this, and miss it)
  15. Needle felt at least 1 project
  16. Organize my crafting supplies so that everything has a place to belong, and rehome anything that I no longer want
  17. Sew at least 3 items of clothing (for me or gifts) (0/3)
  18. Sew the Nora Doctor Bag
  19. Weave something on the loom

BLOG (0/4 complete)

  1. Blog about 101 in 1001 progress at least once a month (0/33)
  2. Make 10 new blog friends (0/10)
  3. Refresh my list of Favorite Blogs, and find at least 10 new blogs to include (0/10)
  4. Visit my blog friends (old and new) at least once a week for 3 months minimum

FITNESS (0/7 complete)

  1. 30 minutes of yoga, 3+ days a week, for a month (do 2 times) (0/2)
  2. Complete 30-Day Plank Challenge at least once
  3. Exercise 30+ minutes every weekday for a month (do 5 times) (0/5)
  4. Participate in at least 1 more Hogwarts Running Club race (though I’ve been doing them as walks, not as runs)
  5. Use my free weights for at least 10 minutes daily, 3 days a week, for 2 months
  6. Use or rehome my bicycle
  7. Walk from Hobbiton to Rivendell

FOOD (0/14 complete)

  1. Bake a pumpkin pie (crust from scratch, pumpkin from a can)
  2. Cut back to 1 Starbucks chai/Frappuccino per week maximum, and maintain for 2 months
  3. Drink no soda for at least 3 consecutive months
  4. Enter all my recipes into my digital recipe manager (Paprika)
  5. Get my kitchen knives sharpened or replaced
  6. Go a month without eating fast food
  7. Go wine tasting in Napa Valley
  8. Replace my Crock Pot and try 10 new recipes for it
  9. Try 20 new restaurants (0/20)
  10. Try 3 new recipes every month for the length of the challenge (inclusive with other recipe goals in this challenge) (0/33)
  11. Try 3 new wineries in my local area (0/3)
  12. Try 5 new vegetarian dinner recipes (0/5)
  13. Try cooking Dim Sum
  14. Try to make the Perfect Margarita

HEALTH (0/5 complete)

  1. Drink the recommended amount of water daily for a week (do 10 times) (0/10)
  2. Get a minimum of 7 hours sleep on weeknights for a month (do 3 times) (0/3)
  3. Get an eye appointment (and new glasses if needed)
  4. Reach my goal weight and maintain it
  5. Use Invisalign to get my teeth straight

PERSONAL (0/21 complete)

  1. Clean the guest room so it’s usable as a guest room
  2. Donate blood (do 3 times) (0/3)
  3. Explore 5 new-to-me locations (extended vacation or day trip) (0/5)
  4. Get up early enough to make myself breakfast at home before work daily for a week (do 5 times) (0/5)
  5. Go a full month without buying anything frivolous (do 5 times) (0/5)
  6. Go through my iCloud photos and get rid of ones I don’t want to keep
  7. Go through my mug collection and only keep the ones I intend to use
  8. Have a game night with family
  9. Make an earthquake kit
  10. Make/do 12 things (food or otherwise) off of Pintrest (0/12)
  11. Migrate everything from my old laptop to my new one
  12. Send off the rest of my APS film cartridges to get scanned to digital (can be done in batches)
  13. Take a class / find a software program and start learning another language
  14. Tour a vineyard
  15. Turn my desk into a usable writing nook (tidy it, replace the chair or get cushions to make it the right height and comfort, adjust the lighting and computer spacing, etc.)
  16. Transfer home videos from MiniDV tape to DVD
  17. Try the KonMari method for organizing & tidying-up for at least 3 consecutive, active months
  18. Visit 3 museums (0/3)
  19. Watch 5 “what do you mean, you haven’t seen this?” movies (0/5)
  20. Watch 5 documentaries (0/5)
  21. Write Morning Pages daily for at least a month


  1. Contribute $10 to Roth IRA for each item completed from this list (0/101)
  2. Cut personal debt in half (more than half would be great, but since I’m trying to be reasonable and I also have savings goals, we’ll go with half)
  3. Find a way to enjoy my day job more, instead of just tolerating it
  4. Grow personal savings account to 2 months salary minimum and maintain
  5. Look into requirements for Project Management as a career
  6. Save all my change during this challenge, just to see how much it is (credit to Violet Sage for the idea) – full amount to be added to savings or IRA at the end of the challenge

READING (0/11 complete)

Note: with the exception of the yearly reading challenge goals, books in the reading section of this challenge can only count toward one aspect of the challenge. So, list items #82-87 will total 39 books read.

  1. Complete my 2016 Reading Challenge
  2. Complete a reading challenge in 2017
  3. Complete a reading challenge in 2018
  4. Move my entire TBR list into my Collections Bullet Journal
  5. Organize my bookshelf to get the books off the floor
  6. Re-read 5 books I haven’t read in at least 10 years (0/5)
  7. Read (at least) 1 book in each of these genres: hard sci-fi, western, mystery, biography (non-memior), memoir, science non-fiction (0/6)
  8. Read 10 books by new-to-me authors (0/10)
  9. Read 5 of my neglected magazines cover-to-cover (0/5)
  10. Read 6 classics I haven’t read before (0/6)
  11. Read 7 non-fiction books (0/7)

THEATRE (0/4 complete)

  1. Create a schedule to allow me to Stage Manage the show I’ve committed to without impacting my day job
  2. See a show in Las Vegas
  3. Usher 3 live theatre shows I’m not otherwise involved in (0/3)
  4. Watch 10 live theatre shows that I’m not otherwise involved in (0/10)

WRITING (0/10 complete)

  1. Complete full worldbuilding for The Specialist (working title)
  2. Complete full plot outline for The Specialist
  3. Complete first draft of The Specialist
  4. Make first-pass edits on The Specialist
  5. Find beta readers for The Specialist and send out for review
  6. Find a writing schedule that I can keep going for 3 months minumum
  7. Organize my hard-copy writing folder and notebooks
  8. Participate in NaNoWriMo in 2016
  9. Participate in NaNoWriMo in 2017
  10. Participate in NaNoWriMo in 2018

So that’s my list. I’m posting it here partly for accountability, partly for interesting blog content, and partly because this is one way I know that I will actually keep tracking it.

Care to join me on this 2 & 3/4 year journey? Let me know in the comments if you have a challenge like this of your own – I’d like to create a blog list of people to cheer on as they go on their own challenge journey.


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