10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday ~ Holiday Weekend

Happy holiday week to my American friends! I suppose Monday isn’t the ideal day for the 4th of July holiday (I’d rather have it on a Friday), but at least it means we get a 4-day work week!

The Ten On Tuesday prompt for Tuesday, July 5, 2016, is Ten Things You Did This Weekend.

Have fun!

I guess there were 10 things I did this weekend which I can list here. Not all of them were fun, though. I’ll start with the fun ones first.

  1. Independence Day BBQ with friends! This is an annual event, and we enjoy seeing everyone.
  2. Wine tasting with my guys (Mr. Wyrm, my dad, and my BIL).
  3. Tour De Fleece spinning! Yay!
  4. Knitting. Always fun.
  5. Watched Mr. Wyrm play Final Fantasy VII (while I knit).
  6. Baked cookies for the July 4th BBQ.
  7. Dyed & put highlights in my hair. (I get a dye + highlights kit in order to get the color I like best. I go to a salon for special occasions, but it’s way too expensive to get it done professionally every 2-3 months.)
  8. Laundry. (I told you not all of my list was fun things.)
  9. Dishes. Lots of dishes.
  10. Cleaned the cat box.

I hope you had a fun weekend! (Long weekend or otherwise!)


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