Friday Reads ~ Hellforged

hellforged-final.jpgHellforged (Deadtown #2)
2016 Book Challenge: a book by an author with my initials
by Nancy Holzner
(urban fantasy)

First off, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this challenge item, because I like to keep things relatively private around here. However, then I realized that I’ve been divorced before, so I have two last names and a middle name to choose from for a second initial (you already know my first initial if you pay any attention at all), and I don’t have to tell you which initials I’m using. So I decided to do this challenge item after all. And how, you may wonder, did I select this book? Well, I went to my local Half Priced Books with my potential initial combinations in mind, found the sci-fi / fantasy aisle, and started looking for a book that fit one of my combinations. I had decided to buy the first book I found that fit any of my criteria, and this was it!

I didn’t know when I picked this book up that it was the second in the series. Perhaps I should have. But I saw that it said “A Deadtown Novel”, and not that it was a sequel to Deadtown. And so I started reading with no prior knowledge of the world or characters. However, other than a few spoilers for book 1, I was able to read this book without any confusion or difficulty. Ms. Holzner did a great job in that aspect of the writing.

She did a good job in other aspects of the writing as well. I was interested by the situation and the characters, and I thought the depiction of zombies was a fresh take on an old monster. (Hint: in this book, they’re not monsters. Or, at least, not everyone sees them as monsters.) I also liked the travels we took into the dream lands and what we saw of Glitches. Truth be told, actually, I liked the description of the everyday stuff better than the stuff specific to the book’s plot. This makes me think I might like book #1 better, since usually in a series you get a better insight into the heroine’s “normal” life in the first book. I’m not sure, though, since I did get to see a bit of the results of that first book. Ah, spoilers.

The characters were likable enough. That was good. The love triangle (which wasn’t really a love triangle until the end, but kinda was) annoyed me. But they usually do. It’s rare when a love triangle doesn’t annoy me. I like the dream phone idea. That was a lot of fun. I like this author’s take on shapeshifting. There were lots of things I liked about this book, yet nothing I loved, if I can make that distinction. It was an enjoyable book. I am glad that I read it. But I am also not going forward with it yet – I may go back and read book 1 in the series, but I am not going to continue to book 3 without getting that first book in. This book strikes me as a good summer read – something you can take with you to the beach and enjoy there. For me, though, it’s not the kind of book that I want to curl up with on a cold day and a pot of tea, and read from cover to cover without stopping. Your mileage may vary, though, and if the cover blurb sounds interesting I do suggest you pick it up and give it a go. You might want to start with Deadtown though.


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