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WIP Weds ~ just keep knitting

I feel like a bad Disney fan. I haven’t seen “Finding Dory” yet. Maybe this weekend, since it’s a holiday weekend and I’ll have an extra day of me-time.

In the meantime, I have been knitting! Here are the progress pictures for my current GAL blanket squares.

GAL blanket progress 6-25-2016

Portal square! This is the back side of my 2016 Portal Square. Yes, I have already knit two Portal-themed squares for this blanket. Those were both from the 2014 blanket. This one was designed for the 2016 blanket, and I love the Portal games so much that I had to KNIT THEM ALL.

GAL blanket progress 6-25-2016

And this is the front side of my Portal square! Because I couldn’t decide whether I wanted the design in orange of blue, so I used both. My 3-color DK knitting is a bit off on the gauge (I carried the 3rd color too tightly) but it should block out just fine.

GAL blanket progress 6-25-2016

This is the square currently on the needles, the Dragon Age square. (Another game I love!) I’m really enjoying this theme. The squares are fun to knit, too, though I’m glad I went with fingering weight yarn. I’m enjoying that a lot more than I would a thicker yarn. Plus, this way I get to use sock / mitt yarn leftovers! (That’s the case with this Dragon Age square. The purple-ish color is left over from when I knit a friend of mine a pair of fingerless mitts.)

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “WIP Weds ~ just keep knitting

    1. Thanks! They’re fun – thanks for putting the GAL together!

      I’m hoping to see Finding Dory this weekend… but that’s the same things I said last weekend, and the one before that, so we’ll see.

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