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FO Friday ~ Lacy Entrelac Cowl

I mentioned last Wednesday that I had finished the Lacy Entrelac Cowl, but that I was making your wait for FO pictures until I’d blocked it. Well, I finally got up the nerve to steam block it (not my usual blocking technique, and I’m still afraid of accidentally touching the iron down and burning the yarn – though this matters more with acrylic, which I don’t usually use) and can now show you FO pics!

Lacy Entrelac Cowl

I don’t recall if I mentioned before that I wanted to knit this cowl to go with a hat I made last winter. In any case, that’s why I knit this cowl with this yarn when I did (aka before I forgot). I think they make a nice set. Matching without being exactly the same pattern.

And it only took one skein of Chroma to make the pair! Granted, it took ALL of the skein of Chroma, and I have NONE left over AT ALL. (Emphasis because I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough yarn left to cast off the cowl. Luckily I did have enough in the end! There were only a couple inches left to sew in afterward, but I squeaked by!)

Lacy Entrelac Cowl

Anyway, I’m really pleased with how this turned out. It makes me want to add lace to other entrelac projects to see how it looks. (Lacy Entrelac Socks, anyone?) I’m not going to for a little while, though. I have other projects OTN (“on the needles”, for the uninitiated) which I want to finish first, and I have a couple of planned cast-ons in my queue that I want to finish before I try more lace inserts in entrelac patterns. But it will happen, sooner or later!

Lacy Entrelac Cowl


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