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WIP Weds ~ And Then There Was One

Huh… believe it or not, today I only have one WIP that’s being currently worked on! I finished the Semele Shawl, and already showed you its FO pictures. I finished the Lacy Entrelac Scarf (Cowl) too, but I haven’t blocked it yet and so don’t have FO pictures to share. And all my other knitting projects currently on the needles haven’t been touched in a few months, so they don’t count as “current”. Weird! (But no worries, I’m about to swatch for the Philosopher’s Stone Shawl MKAL, so that will be added to the list. I will also be picking the Noro socks back up as my work-lunch-break knitting, so those will make an appearance soon.)

What that means, is that all we’re left with for this week’s WIP Weds is the current Geek-A-Long square!

This square is the 2016 Portal square. I’m really enjoying it, and I am so glad that the GAL organizers added another Portal square to the collection. I’ve done both of the 2014 Portal-themed squares, but I HAD to knit this one too!

This picture shows the front side only. The back side is entirely blue and black, which means that for the bottom section of the square I was doing three-color double knitting. Not difficult as far as the knitting went, but it was hard to keep my gauge correct. I tried to compensate for the carried yarn, but that part of the square did end up being a slightly tighter gauge than the rest of the square. Not a huge difference, and it will be fine once it’s blocked and sewn up into the blanket, but it’s going to bug me a bit until then. Oh well. It’s worth it to get the colors the way I wanted them!

Happy hump day!


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