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FO Friday ~ Rayman GAL Square

As I mentioned on Wednesday, today we have a knitting post instead of a reading post! Here’s my latest finished GAL square:


If you enjoy platform games and haven’t played any of the Rayman games, you need to start. Now. They’re a ton of fun, and very silly. And, at times, HARD. I’m very glad that Mr. Wyrm is a better platform gamer than I am, because otherwise I never would have gotten to the end of Rayman Origins. Come to that, I haven’t finished any of the other Rayman games, either. The only reason I have even seen some of the levels in the original Rayman (released in 1995 – has it really been that long?) is because my sister’s boyfriend at the time was a beta tester and showed us some of the levels.

The picture above is what I will be using as the front of the square. Here is the other side:

I don’t like it as much, since the teeth look weird in black. I didn’t dislike that enough to alter the pattern, though. This one I knit exactly as written (unless I made any goofs, but I didn’t look too closely for those).

If you’re interested in learning more about the Geek-A-Long that I’m participating in, check out the Lattes & Llamas blog. All of their GAL posts are here. And while you’re there, if you want to support a good cause, read their blurb about the Child’s Play Charity, which is what they’re putting on this whole knit-along to support.


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