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WIP Weds for 5-25-16

It’s time for a WIP update!

First up is one that’s almost finished: the Lacy Entrelac Scarf. I’m to the point where I think I need to knit the ending triangles so I don’t run out of yarn. I was hoping to have the colors match up a little better at the seam, but when you’re working with leftover yarn with a long color repeat, you can’t always pick and choose.

Of course, I still have to knit to the point in the pattern where I’m supposed to knit those triangles, but I’m on the home stretch! It’s nice to have projects which can be finished relatively quickly instead of only huge projects.

Speaking of huge projects… I have started a new square for the 2016 GAL Blanket.

This is the 2016 Portal square. Don’t be confused by the fact that I have already knit two Portal-themed squares. Those were 2014 squares (which are allowed for this blanket, too). It makes me very happy to have three Portal squares for my blanket. If there were more Portal squares, I would knit those, too. (It’s not likely, though. I won’t say it’s impossible, just not likely.)

As with all the other official 2016 squares, this one is written for two colors only. (Well, two colors at a time. Some of the 2014 squares had you change colors during the square – the Pac Man ghosts, for example, changed colors when you got to a new ghost. So far all of the 2016 squares have been only two colors.) However, I really wanted to have both blue and orange in this square – those of you who have played Portal will know why. So I have elected to do the circle in orange and the man in blue for the front side of the square. The back side will still be only two colors, which means that for the bottom section of the square I am carrying three colors at once. It gets a little confusing at times, but so far I’m managing.

And since there is a new square, that also means that there is a completed square… but you will have to wait until Friday for that one. Since I haven’t been reading as fast as I often do, I won’t have a Friday Reads book review this week, so I’m saving the finished square for this week’s FO Friday post. Stay tuned!


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