Friday Reads: Timeless Tales of Beatrix Potter

61-ysf6XIIL._SX376_BO1,204,203,200_Timeless Tales of Beatrix Potter
2016 Book Challenge: a book with non-human characters

by Beatrix Potter
narrated by Katherine Kellgren
(children’s fiction, classic fiction)

This was one of Audible’s “deal of the day” audiobooks, I think, which is what brought it to my attention. (I do hope that the purchase volume balances out the reduced cost, and they continue to do these. I’ve found some great books that I otherwise wouldn’t have listened to thanks to the daily advertising.) I’m pretty sure I’ve read some of these stories before, but not all of them. To clarify: I know I’ve read some. I’m pretty sure I haven’t read them all. I’m glad I listened to it this time – while I’m sad to have missed out on the illustrations, it was great to hear the songs actually sung. The best option, I feel, would be to listen to this with the book in front of you, so you can get the benefit of both the illustrations and the songs.

While this has always been billed as a children’s book, I do think it’s one that all adults should read (or at least “have read”) too. It’s fun picking out the type of animal from the descriptions, in the instances where Potter doesn’t specifically name them at the beginning. (As an example, “Tom Kitten” is obviously a cat. But “Mr. Todd” is left up for speculation for quite some time.)

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it. It has a good narration, too, so if you want to listen to it this is a good version to pick up.


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