Ten On Tuesday ~ Welcome!

The Ten On Tuesday prompt for Tuesday, May 10, 2016 is 10 Ways to Welcome Someone New To Your Neighborhood.
Have fun!

This is an oddly appropriate topic for today, since I’m writing this as we watch “My Neighbor Totoro”. Though, sadly, I haven’t done any real “welcoming” of new neighbors in a long time. So I guess this list comes with a disclaimer… though these are good ideas, I haven’t used them in too long.

  1. Just knock on the door and say hello!
  2. Bond over pool time (if you have a community pool, like in condo or apartment complexes).
  3. Flowers! Always bright and cheery.
  4. Bake them a dessert or a casserole. This is tricky these days, though, with so many more known food allergies than when I was a kid. (I’m sure the allergies were still there before, though some studies say in smaller concentrations. But we’re more aware of them than I remember when I was young.)
  5. Host (or attend) a neighborhood event. Some neighborhoods have BBQs or block parties. (Ours doesn’t, but I know that some still do.)
  6. Trick or treating! It’s a good excuse to visit neighbors once a year, at least.
  7. Caroling! Another good (once annually) excuse to go visit neighbors.
  8. . . .

And I’m out of ideas. Oh well. There’s still seven good ideas that I haven’t used in way too long, and I should try to make the tie to put those to use.


One thought on “Ten On Tuesday ~ Welcome!

  1. lorraine says:

    Nicole- Those things are nice. Alot of people here prefer to keep to themselves. Remember Welcome Wagon?

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