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FO ~ Semele Shawl

Semele Shawl

I finished the shawl yesterday! (It hasn’t been blocked yet, but I think I’ll do that today.) Only a little longer than a year since I started it, and given the long time-out the shawl had, that’s not a bad amount of time for it.

After its time-out, I did end up ripping back to the center section and decreased the center repeats to one. I then was able to knit the rest of the second side of the shawl nearly to the end of the pattern without any problems – though I did have to cheat a bit at the very end and cut out the final leaf chart. It made things a bit creatively interesting, but since no amount of knitting faster was going to make my yarn last longer, that was the only other option. The casual viewer won’t know the difference, and I was at least able to finish the leaf repeat I was on and do a proper bind-off at the end. However, counting both the spare yarn at cast-on and the spare yarn at bind-off, I think I only have about 18 inches of un-knit yarn. EIGHTEEN INCHES. That was cutting it close, guys.

Semele Shawl

I’m really looking forward to when I can unpin this shawl and wear it. I love the look with the contrasting color beads.

Semele Shawl

Suzy is enjoying watching the shawl dry. Luckily, she’s not the type of cat who wants to be my blocking helper, and she doesn’t nap on blocking knitting. She does like to watch, though, and she will play with the yarn while I’m knitting it…

Semele Shawl


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